Welcome to your source for all things Hill Bros!  Check out a demo for our upcoming album, "Let Me Think"!

Who We Are

Ryan Hill: Guitar/Vocals

Jordan Hill: Guitar/Vocals

Margaret Hill: Vocals

Natalie Hill: Vocals

Julia Lunn: Vocals

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What we do

Since 2012, we've been playing acoustic shows throughout Maine, with a few stops along coastal Massachusetts. We put a unique acoustic sound to many of your favorite songs from all eras.

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What we are planning

In the coming months, we will be in the process of putting some of our original music together in a way that's easy to access and worth a listen. Stay tuned!

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The Hill Bros & Co. at The Naked Oystah, 3-26-17

What You Should Do

It's been through tremendous support from friends, family, and music loving strangers that we've been able to keep doing what we do. As we set our sights on bringing your more new music, we only ask that you stop by and take a listen once in a while. If you like what we do, share it with a friend. If you hate what we do, share it with an enemy. If you are indifferent, come back tomorrow and try us out again!


There will be plenty of updates in the coming weeks!


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